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Northern Ramble Concerts presents Combined CD Release Celebration Featuring Danah-Lee and Tara Hope

The Northern Ramble Concert Series welcomes Danah-Lee and Tara Hope in celebration as both artists release new albums. December 1st at 8 pm. Doors open 7:30 pm.


Growing up in Ontario, Canada, Danah-Lee studied music and excelled in musical theory. But the groundwork for her knowledge began at a very young age, when she would literally steal the music out of the trash after Sunday morning church services. At the time, she was determined to learn the complexities of chords, vibrations and sounds; wanting to know how each sound flowed together in different forms to create music. Since then, Danah-Lee has learned how to use her knowledge freely and has developed a framework for creating music to express what is happening internally.

After a life changing winter vehicle rollover (which nearly took her life), Danah-Lee has been pumping out music which sparked her album, The Post Concussion Syndrome. Danah-Lee has been teaching music, holding workshops and music camps for the last decade and is a lover of orange cats!

Tara Hope

Tara Hope lives in a beautiful part of Canada called the Ottawa Valley. She grew up on a horse farm and has spent most of her life in the country with her family (which has consisted of a few humans and many different kinds of animals). Tara has always found joy in music and always immersed herself in it one way or another. She especially loves writing and can often be found doing just that at her home studio, Harbour Music.