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‘All Original’ Open Stage - September 14, 2017 8PM

Following the philosophy of the venue, The Northern Ramble open stage is focused on the encouragement and forwarding of the art and joy of songwriting. Offering a professional listening room environment to songwriter’s of all levels - beginner to veteran - to expose their unique creativity to a live crowd and enjoy the atmosphere of encouragement, mentoring and feedback from peers and music lovers alike. 

If you’d like to ensure a place on the stage, email us at in advance of the Thursday on which you’d like to perform, and we’ll add your name to the list for that evening. You can also sign up on the evening of, but preference will be given to those who offer advance notice via email. Each performer will be asked to keep their performance to 1-3 songs [no covers]. The venue will limit the evening to approximately 2 hours shows [approx. 6 performers/evening], with some flexibility according to turn out etc. 

Whether you’ve just written your first songs or are a seasoned veteran looking for an ideal venue to try your latest inspirations, this stage will welcome you!