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Songwriter’s Showcase - Dean Batstone with Guests Jennifer Holub and Jonathan S. Danyliw

Jennifer Holub and Jonathan S. Danyliw join host Dean Batstone for an evening of songs and stories - Doors 7:30pm, Music 8pm - Tickets $20

There are several definitions of the word “reckoning,” but the one that’s been foremost on Jennifer Holub’s mind is the most ancient—punishment for past misdeeds. That theme runs through the 10 songs on the Sudbury, Ontario native’s sophomore album, a collection she envisioned from the start as a feminist call to action.

Working with co-producer Jonathan Danyliw (Murder Murder, Pistol George Warren) and engineer Matthew Wiewel, The Reckoning marks a major artistic step forward for Holub who builds on her previous Americana-tinged sound with a range of elements—everything from vintage soul to EDM—that adds up to a reflection of her northern environment: pastoral, cold and resilient.

The album also presents the first fruits of Holub’s decision to make music her full-time pursuit, and she’s set up to have the road be her home well into 2019. “I still love my older songs,” she says, “but I wanted to learn more about arrangements through experimenting with sounds in my home studio. Telling a complete story through sound became an important goal for me.”

Holub adds, “I’d been sitting on some of the new songs as ideas for years and I would sing parts of them to myself when I would drive to work. I finally started putting them together when I spent a month at my partner’s family house in the woods. Some of the songs came through me very easily—as if I needed to exorcise something.”


Jennifer Holub

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Jonathan S. Danyliw