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Northern Ramble Concerts introduces Dean Verger presents Dracula - ‘A Hallowe’en Storytelling'

Northern Ramble Concerts introduces Dean Verger presents Dracula - ‘A Hallowe’en Storytelling'  - Doors 7:30pm, Show 8pm - Tickets $10

Having graduated from the Richard Ivey School of Business at the University of Western Ontario, Dean Verger started up his little folk club in Ottawa, a café named Rasputin’s. In the 1980s he rounded up a few like-minded people to meet regularly and inspire each other to write. 

After seeing Jan Andrews and Jennifer Cayley tell the epic tales Dean was inspired. He first developed a telling of The Princess Bride with original lyrics and music by Charlie Sohmer. And then, a behemoth of a tail rose out of the waters. Dean had found his white whale. Dean developed and toured one-hour versions of The Princess Bride, and Moby Dick (which he toured in BC). 

Lurking in the dark recesses of his mind was another project. While re-reading Bram Stoker’s 1897 “Dracula” he realized that the modern takes on the original had changed the Count from a blood thirsty monster into a sensuous lover. Instead of objects of fear the new generation actually liked vampires! This project revisits the original novel, stake firmly in hand. 

Dean has given workshops on microphone use, and storytelling. He has acted with Ottawa's Theater for Children, Orpheus, and Ottawa Little Theater. As a storyteller, he has appeared at Centrepointe Theater, on stage at the National Arts Centre's Fourth Stage, and in the Museum of Nature. He has performed his original works on both radio and television, and across Canada at festivals, in schools, cafes, and libraries.

These days, when not performing, Dean is an instructor at Carleton University where he teaches the Psychology of Creativity. 

What is StoryTelling?

It is your favourite uncle sitting at the kitchen table telling you stories about your father as the two were growing up. It is sitting around a campfire as the sparks dance into the darkness and a voice shares a ghostly tale. No costumes, no props, just the words, and the palette of your own imagination.