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Northern Ramble Concerts presents Valdy

Northern Ramble Concerts presents Valdy in Concert! - Doors 7:30pm, Music 8pm. - Tickets $25 in advance, $30/door.

Valdy (voll-dee) A Bio

It was late summer in Ottawa, 1945, at the Civic Hospital on Carling Ave., way out on the edge of town in those days, across from the federal Experimental Farm.

On the morning of September 1, leaves were still green, school supplies were being organized, and Lillian Horsdal gave birth to a boy, yours truly, Paul Valdemar Horsdal (the son).

Dad left Denmark twice, first to study photography in Germany, and a second time to see the world, through his eyes and his lenses. The tradition in Denmark is to remake the son’s surname by adding a †-sen†to the father’s first name, hence Jensen, etc.

In the new world, specifically the Ottawa valley in the forties, consistency of family names was the norm, so Dad gave me his, Paul Valdemar Horsdal (the father). He already had dibs on Paul, his portrait photography studio having been Paul Horsdal Portraits since the mid-twenties, so I by default was Valdemar, which has been shortened to Valdy, pronounced voll-dee.

Kathleen and I have been married now for thirty-one years. We have children, step-children, grand-children and pets. We love each other deeply, despite ourselves. I am grateful and fortunate for her place in our lives.

I am a touring entertainer/singer/songwriter/folksinger/guitarist/bassist/arranger; choose which you prefer. As a folksinger, I have access to ALL styles and genres of music and song, and I make use of many. With every set of tunes, I attempt to sing and play and connect well with whomever chooses to be in earshot.

I am sure that learning is the key to living. Educating the geezer brain is paramount to my success. If I accept a level of skill, and use that skill as is for life, I am missing some rich opportunities.

Growth of knowledge, and learning a means of applying that knowledge, abet not only my life, but keep my brain churning away, possibly even firing up neuron paths that are dulled or yet unused, hence my desire to build a seniors’ boarding school as an exit ramp.

This is an auto-bio I suppose,

written on a chill morning on Saltspring Island, BC,

on Tue., Oct. 10, 2017.