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Northern Ramble Concerts presents Dean Batstone w/Special Guests Jon Christink and Franklin Clark

Northern Ramble Concerts presents Dean Batstone w/Special Guests Jon Christink and Franklin Clark - Doors 7:30pm, Music 8pm - Tickets $20


Singer/songwriter Jon Christink has been around in the music scene for many years taking part in various bands filling different roles and playing many different instruments. 

This past 2018 winter was a season for recollection and inspiration with writing his debut album "Running Out of Time".  These are true old time country songs that were written in the rawest sense to portray a time that was less hectic, less complicated and less electronic.  There are no filters or hidden magic from behind the scenes to take away from the raw country that has filled saloons and taverns many years ago.  

on has created a traditional back porch sitting and whiskey sipping experience that takes you back to the old west and dives deep into his soul.


Franklin Clarke - If you’ve had the pleasure of attending one of our Songwriter’s Open Stages in the past, you may have witnessed the multi-talented instrumentalist Franklin Clarke laying textures and musical sweetness behind Dean’s [and often other guests] songs. Understated and almost humble on stage, his large musical sensibilities bely his quiet presence.